A’la carte menu

- Creamy goat cheese with beets and roasted peppers 1590.-
- Crackling spread with marinated purple onions, crispy baguette and vegetables 1690.-
- Lettuce mix with gorgonzola, pears, toasted walnuts and fig vinaigrette 1690.-

- Broth with homemade angel hair pasta and root vegetables 1090.-
- Porcini mushroom cream soup 1190.-
- Butternut squash cream soup with pumpkin seed oil and toasted pumpkin seeds 990.-
- „Fisherman soup” (Hungarian fish soup with paprika and onion) with catfish and matchstick noodles; cup: 1990.- / bowl: 2790.-
- „ Fisherman soup” (Hungarian fish soup with paprika and onion) with matchstick noodles in a cup 1190.-

- Grilled goat cheese from Kaba Farm with lettuce mix dressed in an apple cider and honey vinaigrette 2790.-
- Grilled salmon steak with potatoes coated in butter and fresh dill, roasted beets and horseradish cream 4290.-
- Grilled salmon steak with lettuce mix in vinaigrette dressing 2990.-
- Roasted garlic shrimp with parsley fettucine 3890.-
- Thai chicken breast with spicy rice noodles and vegetables 3690.-
- Duck breast with creamed corn and buttery vegetables 3990.-
- Duck liver with a Port grape ragout, butternut squash purée and smoked ham chips 5990.-
- Aged boneless rib-eye steak with herb grilled vegetables, potatoes and mustard sauce, 5990.-
Family favorites, available to go:
- Catfish paprikasch with dill cottage cheese dumplings 3490.-
- Fried catfish with mayonnaise green onion potato salad in mayonnaise dressing 2990.-
- Roasted pork cutlets with French fries and bacon 2890.-
- Crispy duck leg with sautéed purple cabbage and roasted potatoes seasoned with onions 2990.-
- Ewe’s cheese and bacon filled fried chicken breast with mashed potatoes 2990.-
- Fried Camembert with cranberry jam and jasmine rice 2690.-
- Käsespetzle (German dumplings with melted cheese) with lettuce, and bacon or caramelized onions 1790.-

Kids’ meals:
- Spaghetti Bolognese 1590.-
- Fried chicken fingers or cheese with French fries and dipping sauce 1590.-

- Cabbage salad 590.-
- Cucumber salad with sour cream 690.-
- Pickled vegetables/cucumbers 590.-
- Beet salad 590.-
- Lettuce mix with olive oil and red wine vinegar dressing 690.-

Family style platters (2-3 persons):

- Fünfkirchen platter:
Roasted pork cutlets, fried cheese, grilled chicken breast, Ewe’s cheese and bacon filled fried chicken breast, French fries, jasmine rice and pickled vegetables, 7990.-

- Littke platter:
Crispy duck legs, fried catfish steak, Ewe’s cheese and bacon filled fried chicken breast, roasted pork cutlets, French fries, jasmine rice, sautéed purple cabbage, tartar sauce and spring mix with vinaigrette dressing 8990.-

- Chestnut mousse with rum-infused tart cherries 990.-
- Orange chocolate ganache tart 1090.-
- Cheesecake with salted caramel or fruit coulis 1090.-

Open hours:
Thursday: 17:00 - 22:00
Friday: 11:30 - 22:00
Saturday: 11:30 - 22:00

Sunday buffet: 11:30 - 15:00

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