St. Martin's Day dinner in Pezsgőház

St. Martin’s Day Traditions: Eat Goose or Starve All Year!
St. Martin’s Day is the last day before the 40-day fast of Advent, when it is still allowed to eat meat, drink, and party – so traditionally, on this day, a number of feasts, balls and fairs were held. The most well-known Hungarian St. Martin’s Day celebrations are the goose dishes. We also offer a selection of new wines to be paired with the goose dishes.

Dinner offer

Cold appetizers:
-Goose rilettes with crispy lettuce mix and marinated beets, 1800 HUF
-Goose liver terrine with walnut challah, 2600 HUF
-Goose crackling spread with colorful pearl onions, 1600 HUF

-Goose broth with goose meat filled tortellini and vegetables, 1300 HUF
-Wine soup with pears and goose breast, 1100 HUF

-Grilled goose breast with butternut squash purée and red wine infused blue grapes, 3200 HUF
-Baked goose breast in Vadas sauce with bread soufflé, 3200 HUF
-Roasted goose leg with wild mushroom filled dumpling and gravy, 2900 HUF
-Classic crispy goose leg with red cabbage and potatoes pan-fried in goose fat, 2900 HUF
-Pan-seared goose liver with garlic, whipped potatoes and ham chips, 5900 HUF
-Goose liver baked with apples served with grape ragout, 5900 HUF

-Dark chocolate créme brulée with tart cherry jelly, 1100 HUF
-Poppyseed butternut squash tart with white chocolate mousse a squash compote, 990 HUF
-Cheese strudel

New wines

Bodri Sauvignon Blanc 2020 (Szekszárd)
Bottle: 2900 HUF / 1,25 dl: 480 HUF

Laposa Illatos, Ottonel muskotály 2020 (Badacsony)
Bottle: 2900 HUF / 1,25 dl: 480 HUF

Bock PortaGéza Rosé 2020 (Villány)
Bottle: 2900 HUF / 1,25 dl: 480 HUF

Bock SzentMárton Bora PortaGéza 2020 (Villány)
Bottle: 3200 HUF / 1,25 dl: 530 HUF

Vylyan Bogyólé (Zweigelt, Kékfrankos) 2020 (Villány)
Bottle: 3200 HUF / 1,25 dl: 530 HUF

Five-glass wine tasting: 5000 HUF / person
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